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The Year 2000 Laureates

Row left to right: David Biegler, Honorary Chairman, Tenth Anniversary, Jack Kilby, Victoria Smith Downing, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Johann Deisenhofer, Awards Jury Chairman
Back Row left to right: France Cordova, Mario Geysen, Martin Schwab, Bran Ferren, Matthew Pittinsky, Michael Chasen, Margaret Lowman
Not pictured: Ada Yonath and Linus Torvalds

Honoring Laureates Past and Present

The Year 2000 Kilby Awards Ceremony with new Laureates and Past Kilby Laureates in attendance:
Front Row left to right: Ada Yonath, Bran Ferren, Martin Schwab, Mario Geysen, Matthew Pittinsky, Victoria Smith Downing, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Jack Kilby, Johann Deisenhofer, Awards Jury Chairman, Michael Chasen, France Cordova, Margaret Lowman.
Back Row left to right: Lee Martin, Master of Ceremonies, Truman Cook, Community Award, Daniel Kaufman, Florence Haseltine, Helen Murray Free, Marc Hannah, Sylvia Earle, Jennifer Harris Trosper, Hans Herren.

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