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Contact: Betsy Guthrie, Kilby Staff

Chairman: Victoria Smith Downing


Dallas, Texas - October 2000 - The Kilby Awards Foundation, whose namesake Jack St. Clair Kilby was named recipient of the Nobel Prize for Physics this week, is pleased to announce the nine Kilby International Laureates for the Tenth Anniversary year 2000.

The Kilby Awards Foundation identifies, celebrates and provides heroic role models for future generations who will be the leaders of the 21st Century. Kilby Laureates are recognized for making significant contributions to society through science, technology, innovation, invention and education.

Victoria Downing, Chairman of the Kilby Awards Foundation, says, "The Tenth Anniversary Celebration of the Kilby Awards has just become the most exciting in our history with the news that Jack St. Clair Kilby, our namesake, has been named recipient of the Nobel Prize for Physics. We are delighted to present nine brilliant new Laureates, who will join the Circle of Laureates, now 50 worldwide. The Kilby Laureates, like Jack Kilby, epitomize the power and impact of the creative spirit."

The Foundation (501c3) collaborates with organizations worldwide in programs, which demonstrate the Kilby Mission to share these noble Kilby Laureates with future generations of leaders and as resources to world leaders on issues that are of importance to humanity.

The year 2000 winners of the Kilby 2000 Awards are:

Michael Chasen and Matthew Pittinsky - Young Innovators
Co-founders and Co-CEO's of Blackboard Inc., Michael Chasen and Matthew Pittinsky, each 28 years old, have recognized and delivered on the demand for a high-quality, easy-to-use, and cost-effective online educational software platform. Formed with their combined vision of transforming the Internet into a powerful environment for teaching and learning, Blackboard is the leading provider of e-Learning infrastructure to the academic market.

Linus Benedict Torvalds - Young Innovator
Linus Torvalds is a Computer Scientist who in 1991 became a hero to Internet users worldwide by writing the Linux kernel while a graduate student at the University of Helsinki, Finland. His immensely popular Unix-based "open-source" operating system is available without charge on the Internet allowing users to make improvements and grow the system.

France Anne Cordova, Ph.D.
Physicist and former NASA Chief Scientist, France Anne Cordova led a scientific team whose digital electronics module was a vital component of a recent European Space Agency mission. She is establishing new paradigms in cross-discipline research programs (RAD) as Vice Chancellor of the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Bran Ferren
Bran Ferren is a visionary and futurist whose limitless imagination is partnered with keen scientific and technical skills. As the former President of Walt Disney Imagineering R&D and Creative Technology, and current co-founder of Applied Minds, Inc., Mr. Ferren is uniquely positioned at the epicenter of design, technology and creative conceptual strategies.

Hendrik Mario Geysen, Ph.D.
Australian Chemist and Distinguished Scientist at the Glaxo Wellcome Research Institute, Mario Geysen is the father of Combinatorial Chemistry, a new science that allows multiple drug candidates to be screened simultaneously. This extraordinary new process dramatically accelerates the pace of pharmaceutical analysis, development and delivery ultimately providing medicines to patients throughout the world.

Margaret Lowman, Ph.D.
American Botanist, Margaret Lowman is a pioneer in novel techniques for accessing the rainforest canopy. Her persistence and courage while conducting research in the challenging and sometimes dangerous conditions of the rainforest led to a new appreciation of this vital and fragile resource. Margaret Lowman serves as Executive Director at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens and is a tireless and effective advocate for rainforest conservation.

Martin Schwab, Ph.D.
Swiss Neuroscientist at the University of Zurich ETH, Martin Schwab’s groundbreaking research led to the identification of growth-inhibiting substances in the central nervous system. His work continues with the development of antibodies that neutralize these substances, thereby allowing new growth and regeneration - a stunning medical breakthrough in spinal cord injury research.

Ada Yonath, Ph.D.
Ada Yonath is an Israeli Structural Biologist associated with both the Max Planck Institute (Germany) and the Weizmann Institute (Israel) who patiently laid the foundation for a recent spectacular breakthrough in the crystallography of very large biological assemblies. Her elegant research has led to three-dimensional models, at atomic detail, of ribosomes, the molecular machines that use information in the genetic code to synthesize all proteins in the biosphere.

This year marks the Tenth Anniversary of the Founding of the Kilby Awards.

Friday, November 3 - The Kilby International Symposium, "Embracing the Spirit of Creativity for the Benefit of Humanity," will be held from 9am - 4pm at Perkins Chapel, on the campus of Southern Methodist University. SMU President Gerald Turner will lead the Procession of Laureates and open the day with welcoming remarks. Students from public and private schools in the Region 10 area are honored guests. The Symposium is open to the public, but reservations are required - please call the Symposium Hotline at 972-699-6262.

Saturday, November 4 - The Laureates and Young Innovators will be presented their medals by Jack Kilby at the public Awards Ceremony from 4pm - 5:30pm at the Hall of State, Fair Park.

David Biegler, President and COO of TXU, is the Honorary Chairman of the Anniversary Celebration Dinner and Toasting to be held Saturday evening following the Awards Ceremony - by invitation only. Several of the past Kilby Laureates and distinguished International Council members will attend the festivities and toast the new Laureates and Jack Kilby.

Early Anniversary Patrons and Underwriters include: AT&T, Chase - H&Q, Billingsley Companies, Michael L. Downing, CEO, Musicbank (SFO), Gardere & Wynne, Jenkens & Gilchrist, Jones Day, KPMG, Kevin McGarity, Shinko Electric Japan, Southern Methodist University, Texas Instruments, Tingley Systems (Florida), TXU, UT Southwestern/Southwestern Medical Foundation, and VLSIP, Inc.

The Kilby Awards Foundation was created by a small group of philanthropic, civic and business leaders to honor Jack St. Clair Kilby, the man who, as a young 32 year old engineer, created the monolithic integrated circuit, the "Chip that Changed the World." On October 10, 2000, Jack Kilby received worldwide recognition of his great contribution to society with the announcement of his selection as a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics, along with two other scientists.

The Kilby Awards Jury is chaired by Johann Deisenhofer, Ph.D., Nobel Laureate. A distinguished committee meets annually with Dr. Deisenhofer to consider candidates submitted by nominators throughout the United States and abroad.

In 1999, The Kilby Awards were selected as one of the 116 "Most Distinguished" Awards by the International Congress of Distinguished Awards, following a five-year study of over 26,400 awards worldwide.

Inquires may be addressed to:

The Kilby Awards Foundation
SMU PO Box 753131
Dallas, Texas 75275-3131

Phone: 214-768-3355
Fax: 214-768-1262


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